Production of the Czech group V.O.S.A. Acrobatics, circus tricks, magic of light, monumental rolling structures.

Exp(o)edice is the latest, original production of the Czech group V.O.S.A, which brings together various independent artists. Each presentation combines elements of a contemporary circus and street parade, each is unique and adapted to the non-theatrical space in which the artists perform.

Exp(o)edice is a spectacular and colorful combination of various theatrical languages: artistic gymnastics, acrobatics with sashes, circus tricks, the magic of light, inventive make-up and interesting costumes, as well as the monumentality of riding metal constructions or huge self-propelling wheels. The Czech actors and musicians enter the crowd without resistance, creating a spontaneous interaction with the audience.

Jakub Vedral
Jakub Vedral
Jiří Juráš
Marek Novák
Alběta Kostruhová
Tereza Georgievová
Adam Jarchovský
Václav Jelínek
Salvi Salvatore
Jonáš Janků
Kristýna Žebrová
Václav Hanuš
Adam Štumar