Open Air Theatre Festival Wrocław 2021

Our idea for the Open Air Festival was born from the need to use street art and theatre space to build a conscious and active social sphere. From the very beginning, we were guided by international integration in the Group of Visegrad Countries and the creation of a community committed to the problem of climate change beyond geographical divisions. We want to use theatre as a tool of change and education in a region that has a particularly complicated history behind it, which translates into still vivid stereotypes about our closest neighbours.

Through the presentation of well-known and respected theater groups from the Visegrad countries: the V.O.S.A. Theatre, which represents the Czech Republic, YOUNAK CIRCUS from Slovakia, Imre Bernath from Hungary and the Travel Agency Theatre from Poland, as well as family stage workshops, artistic residencies and climate conference with we will create an active community with Wrocław viewers in all dimensions of metropolitan reality. During the festival, we will use the material of theater as a universal message touching issues that are important to all of us, regardless of country or origin.