V.O.S.A. Theatre / Czech Republic

The V.O.S.A. Theatre (i.e. the Open, Occasional Association of Independent People) was appointed to represent the Czech Republic at the EXPO 2010 World Exhibition in Shanghai. Under the direction of a charismatic performer, the show High Dreaming was created, combining a street parade with elements of a new circus and live music. Since then, a group of as many as a dozen artists have been present at the most prestigious outdoor events around the world, including at EXPO 2016 in Antalya, Turkey, or during the opening of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Kosice in 2011.

The team consists of professional acrobats, circus performers, performers and musicians. Their activities are characterized by improvisation, spectacularity and the size of the forms – huge dolls, balloons floating in the sky, illuminated phenomenal jellyfish. Each time the performances differ from each other depending on the space in which they are performed. During the performances of the V.O.S.A. Theatre, viewers can count on high steel structures, pendulums, self-propelling wheels and breathtaking acrobatics associated with them. There are also spectacular costumes and fabulous make-up.

Younak Circus / Slovakia

Created on the initiative of the Festival of Contemporary Circus, it is a relatively young interdisciplinary group of artists. The first concept of this type in our southern neighbors, Slovakia does not have a rich circus tradition, nor any professional university preparing for this profession. Interestingly, the process of completing the artistic team took almost a year, and the originator of the project, Pavol Kelley, made it a point of honor to find not only actors who were circus performers at the same time, but also true folklore lovers.

As a result, Younak Circus brings together perfomers, incl. from Austria, Lithuania, Slovakia or Spain, combines a traditional and modern approach to theater, draws on the resources of circus and folklore as well as comedy dell’arte. All this, additionally enriched with a folk female ensemble, creates a unique new value of artistic expression. The group clearly strives to break stereotypes and conventions, plays with form and constantly surprises viewers with the development of the stage action.

Travel Agency Theatre / Poland

The alternative theater in Poznań, Travel Agency – the theater on the way, which originates from the counterculture and has more than thirty years of history, is run by Paweł Szostak, the director and leader of the group. The group started their activities in closed theaters, but with time they took them out into the streets, which then turned into spectacular outdoor performances. One of the main goals of the group is to reach viewers with limited access to culture.

The artists have a dozen or so performances in their output. All original productions are created under the idea of ​​collective creation, which means the joint work of team members on individual theatrical materials and the final effect in the form of a spectacle. Undoubtedly, it is a socially engaged work, touching viewers and the timeless problems of human existence. It delights with its form, devastating symbolism and artistic means, often uses torches, stilts or large movable structures.

The Travel Agency Theater has been presented in about 50 countries around the world (including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Palestine, Singapore, Taiwan, the USA and most European countries), at the most respected theater festivals, winning many prestigious awards.

Social Salto / Hungary

Imre Bernath

Hungarian outstanding street clown. His performances are hilarious interactions with the audience based on gags and acrobatics at the highest level. Imre started his gymnastics career at the age of 8, four years later he was selected for the national junior league and just a short time later he became the champion in Hungary.

When he turned 19, he was given the opportunity by the legendary Cirque Du Soleil to participate in an artistic development programme in Montreal, then joined the production of “The Midnight Sun”. However, his artistic development did not end there. He trained Clown full and bouffon under the mentorship of master Philippe Gaulier in Paris, collaborated with many dance and circus companies, performed in theatres, street festivals, alongside the greatest stars of circus and acrobatics all over Europe and in 14 countries on 4 continents.

Imbre’s other great passion is aviation, currently the witty Hungarian lives in London, UK where he regularly performs at the world famous Covent Garden.